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The key to a tooth extraction includes getting ready in advance and taking it slow through the recovery process. Even though having a tooth removed can seem like a relatively minor process, to make sure that further damage does not arise, including infections, take it seriously and keep yourself safe.

The best thing you can do to care for your mouth after a pulled tooth is to set a plan in place. Usually, you should already have a treatment plan in place laid out by our dentists to make sure you rest up and prepare your mouth before and after the dental procedure. If you smoke, you should stop the bad habit at least 2 days before the extraction.

After the surgery, try to get plenty of rest and make an effort to avoid any strenuous exercise or activity, including running or working out at the gym. If you have any facial swelling or inflammation, use an ice pack to help. Avoid using any pain medications unless directed by our dentists, and if so, always use the correct dosage.

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